What to Send

The annual evaluation is based on the progress that your student has made. According to Florida state statute 1002.41, a student is required to “make progress commensurate to his or her ability.” Your student’s portfolio should contain samples of work that demonstrate the progress they have made. Grade level is not a part of the annual educational evaluation. That is because Florida’s home education statute is an inclusive law that is meant to allow students of all abilities to homeschool.

For the annual evaluation, I only need to see progress in the core subjects. The parent decides what the core subjects are for each student, but traditionally core subjects are English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Depending on the type of curriculum you’ve chosen, there are different ways to send me proof that your child has made progress:

Textbook-Based Curriculum

If your student has used a textbook-based curriculum, please send me 8 samples of their work from each core subject. Please send a few samples from the beginning of the year and a few samples from the end of the year so I can see their progress over time.

  • The samples can be photographed or scanned. If you choose to scan the samples, please combine them into one PDF if possible.
  • Please make sure your child’s name is clearly written at the top of each sample, and please date each sample so I can see which samples are older and which are newer. If you are not sure of the exact date, you can write the month/year.
  • If you take photographs, please make sure they are sharp, close-up, and well-lit.
  • Attach the files to an email and send them to: evaluationsbylupita@gmail.com. Please put your child’s full name in the subject line. If you have multiple children, please send one email per child.
  • If you have a cloud storage account such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud, please share the folder with evaluationsbylupita@gmail.com and send me a separate email to let me know.

Online Curriculum

If your student uses an online curriculum such as FLVS Flex, Time 4 Learning, Power Homeschool, Khan Academy, Study.com, etc. then there are several ways that you can send me proof of their progress. Please email the following to evaluationsbylupita@gmail.com

  • FLVS Flex – Send me the student login so I can log in and review their work online, or download and email me a copy of their unofficial transcript or a screenshot of the Cumulative Academic Report.
  • Time 4 Learning – Send me the parent login or student login. For T4L I need to log in and pull the specific reports to determine progress over time.
  • Khan Academy – send me the student login info or screenshots of the progress reports.
  • Study.com – send me the student login info or screenshots of the progress reports
  • Other Online Curriculum – send me the student login info or progress reports. If you send me progress reports I might still need to log in. It will depend on whether or not the information I need is displayed in the reports.

Dual Enrollment

If your student is dual enrolled at a local state college or university, or at a private college or university, please email their unofficial transcript or a screenshot of the semester grades from the past year to evaluationsbylupita@gmail.com