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What is an Annual Evaluation?

Florida parents who send a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to their county school district are required to send an annual evaluation to the county once per year, by the anniversary date of their Letter of Intent. According to FL state statute 1002.41, the annual evaluation is how homeschooled students prove attendance. There are 5 Options that parents can choose to fulfill the annual evaluation requirement, and the first and most popular option is a portfolio review by a certified teacher. This is the service that I offer, and I’ve designed it to be as easy as possible for you!

When you choose Option 1, the portfolio evaluation, the FL Certified Teacher that you hire works for YOU. As a Florida Certified Teacher, I rely on the parent to inform me of any circumstances that may affect the student’s ability. The annual evaluation is based on progress, and that progress is measured according to your child’s own ability. YOU are the expert on your child’s academic ability, so please share anything that you think will help me determine your child’s progress. 🙂

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What to Send

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