Pricing & Discounts

  • The flat rate for an evaluation is $35 per student.
  • Volume discounts are offered for families with 3 or more children
  • Payment can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle
  • The booking calendar currently only accepts Paypal. If you need to use Zelle or Venmo, please email, text, or message me through Facebook so I can send you my Venmo or Zelle info. Once payment is received, I will set up your appointment manually and email you a confirmation.
  • 10% of the proceeds from evaluations will be donated to to Brenda Dickinson’s non-profit organization, Home Education Foundation ( Along with her late husband Craig, Brenda wrote our home education law and has been successfully defending and expanding it through her tireless lobbying efforts in Tallahassee. The Home Education Foundation is the only lobbying organization that represents the interests of homeschooling families in Florida. The reason why hundreds of thousands of families have been able to home educate in Florida for the past 30+ years is because of Brenda Dickinson.